Justin is a Registered Psychologist with a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours), Graduate Diploma in Psychology, a Master of Human Resource Management and Coaching, and a Bachelor of Arts (communications).

Justin’s ten years working as a psychologist in private practice is informed by a diverse work history, which ranges from careers and executive coaching through to physical and psychological rehabilitation and therapy.


JUSTIN’S approach

From simple issues that require only a few visits to resolve, to clients who present with complex issues with roots in history, Justin matches the most effective combination of approaches and treatments to suit each individual.

Justin believes that good therapy requires a combination of art, science and faith. He considers all the layers that influence and shape, beliefs and values, thoughts, feelings, physical health and behaviour. These include, culture, social media religion/spirituality, history and most importantly, relationships.

Such complexity requires a complex treatment approach, Justin has a particular interest in Schema Therapy. Schema Therapy is an integrative approach to treatment that combines the best aspects of cognitive-behavioural, experiential, interpersonal and psychoanalytic therapies into one unified model. Schema Therapy has shown remarkable results in helping people to change negative (“maladaptive”) patterns which they have lived with for a long time, even when other methods and efforts they have tried before have been largely unsuccessful.